Breakfast Club

Kaitlin's group of girlfriends' mothers and I have become good buddies.  We tried to get together once a month for brunch during the school year and more than a few times for grown up nights out over the year.  Scottsdale is much different than where I have lived before because people are always coming and going.  You tend to keep friends at arms length because it seems everyone moves to the next destination sooner or later.
 Val is from Italy, Felice most recently from Kansas, Cristina from California, and Catherine from Washington.  I have been here the longest of all of us and I still consider myself a recent transplant.  Our backgrounds are all very diverse with some being Catholic, Jewish, Christian, and non participating.  Some with back East attitudes and others California dreaming.  Stanford Alumni to no college at all.  Not one of us have worked in the same industry as the another.  Some working full time out of the home and some full time stay at home moms. But one thing supersedes all our differences is how much we love our kids and enjoy each other's company.  We also all know how to have a really good time. :)
 Since nearly everyone is here without family, friends become like family.  The girls are like one of my own.  I know I could call on anyone of these people and they would drop what they were doing to help.  We learned Val and her family would be retuning to Italy at the end of the school year.  We had to have one last celebration.  Val has always wanted to go dancing, so dancing we went!
 Well, maybe the ladies danced and the boys enjoy the champagne.  :)
 We are all so different but have found a common cord of friendship and wadding through the waters of motherhood together.  I am so grateful for these ladies and will miss Val and her sweet family.  It always makes you wonder who is next? :(

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