End of the Year Celebrations

The last week of school is always full of achievement recognition and celebrations.  I ran my last water day ever... EVER.  At their school third grade is the last year to have water day.  The kids are way to cool by fourth grade.  I think Hank and Nick will never be to cool to get wet and dirty.  :)  
 Hailey and I have a tradition of stress eating together during finals.  In the past I have driven us to Cinnabon, however this time she drove us!!  I keep waiting to get use to being the passenger but it hasn't happened.  Max is apparently a much calmer passenger than I am.  What is wrong with going 10 mph??
I cannot believe my baby Kaitlin is done with elementary school.  She started here in Kindergarten and moved through the whole school.  
She has made some terrific friends, had wonderful teachers and really lovely elementary school experience.
I helped organized the graduation Luau for the 5th grade class.  They danced, played games, had ices and a photo booth.  The kids seemed to have a great last celebration.
During the morning awards ceremony Kaitlin was awarded for her excellence in Wordmasters, Math Olympiad, and student council.  We are so proud of how organized and studious Kaitlin is.  She puts 100% into everything she does and we can always count on her to get the job done.  She is a leader and a very good friend.  I know she is going to soar in middle school!

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