Hank's 9th Birthday Party

Hank has 2 best friends.  Ben and Hank have played baseball together since they were in preschool and Nick and Hank have been friends since preschool.
Instead of a big party Hank wanted an adventure birthday with his two best buddies.
 First up was the batting cages.  The boys had an hour to whack home run hits.
 After batting it was AZ Airtime.  Kaitlin brought her buddy to balance out all the boys.  They jumped for two hours non stop!
I don't think it is possible to tire out this trio, so next up was whacking golf balls at the driving range.
 The only thing that slowed them down was their hunger.  They were ready to eat at Hank's favorite fast-food restaurant, In and Out.  They each ordered two double doubles, a fry, and a milkshake!  I am very afraid of when the boys are teenagers.  My food bill is going to double double!
 Instead of cake, Hank wanted Carmel oatmeal ice-cream cake.
Our energetic boy had an all boy, fun filled day with his best buddies, and all his favorite foods.  What could be better at nine?

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