Hank's Camping Trip

Every year the 3rd grade class can do an overnight at the Phoenix Zoo.  With both Karlie and Kaitlin it was an option to leave at bedtime.  Not this year.  Often when we have been at the zoo Hank's allergies act up.  I wasn't sure how he would handle all night next to the animals.  Since I had done it with the girls, it was Max's turn to do it with Hank.  Funny, Max told Hank he would take him real camping instead if he wanted.  Well, you can imagine what Hank picked.  :)
 Friday night the boys set out toward Four Peaks.
 After an hour of diving out the dirt road, Hank wanted to stop at the same camp site that his sister used instead of continuing up further.  That left plenty of time to set up the camp, complete with the Arizona flag, of course.  
Hank liked how the Jeep was a transformer and turned into a tent in just a few minutes.  
Who does't enjoy the camp shovel?  
After hearing about how Karlie split a can in two with her pellet gun, he begged her to loan it out to him for the trip.  Being the good older sister she was happy too.  It took him a few more shots than Karlie, but split the can he did.
The camp at dusk.
Hank's personally selected menu included bratwurst, SpagehttiOs, and Dr. Pepper.  Dinner of champions.  
His favorite part of camping was reading "Just Me and My Dad" by lamp light just before he fell asleep. 
I think Hank made a wise choice on where to go camping. :)

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