Last Day of School!

 This year seemed to go so fast.
It feels like they were just starting school and now it is sweet summer time!
 They have grown a lot over the year!
Hailey found her stride in high school this year.  She has a great group of friends and is doing all things teenager!  She even got detention!  She and her friends loved the thrill of climbing on the roof of the high school to watch the stars and hang out.  One night a bunch of girls spent the night at our house.  Everyone was back in the house by curfew, however, little did the girls (or Max and I) know that a teacher reported seeing a car in the high school parking lot and took down the license plate.  On Monday the school reviewed the video surveillance and watched the girls climb up to the top of the gym roof.  That was the first time the girls went with no boys to help hoist them up the high wall.  They were so proud of their accomplishment they did happy dances and high fives, much to the amusement of the principles.
On Monday they called the girls down to the office one by one and asked who each girl was in the video.  BUSTED!  Since they were all good girls with no prior record of trouble and clearly did no damage, the principle gave them Saturday detention.  Max and I told Hailey they should all spend the night before detention and watch The Breakfast Club.  Not all the parents were as relaxed about as we were and some were grounded.  We figured Saturday detention was a fair punishment.  However, we told her if she ever went up there again she would be in serious trouble!  During Saturday detention at the break the security guard asked them if they were the girls on the roof.  They sheepishly replied, "Yes."  He started busting up laughing and said he had to get them the video because he had heard all about how funny it was.  A week later he gave them the video copy and we got to watch.  It was hilarious.  I am not sure I could have kept a straight face as the principle.  So happy she is making all those fun high school memories.
Karlie also had a great year.  She loved being on the club volleyball team and excelled in academics.   Her friend group got closer and she loves to go hang out at the mall with them.  She is growing into a smart, determined and loving young lady.
 I can't believe baby Kaitlin is all done with elementary school.  She is so sweet and tender I pray the middle school years won't be too hard on her.  Kids can be so cruel and half the time I don't think they even know they are hurting others or why they say the things they do.  Luckily she will have big sister Karlie there to watch out for her.
Her big transformations were cutting off her long locks and getting braces.  Sure signs of growing up.
 Hank had a big height growth spurt this year.  He also grew a lot academically.  School is not as easy for him as it has been for his sisters.  
Lunch and recess are definitely the highlights of his day.  However, he worked very hard and even won a reading trophy for all his efforts.
 He is still a big hearted boy that will melt your heart with his smile and seems to be always bouncing or throwing a ball.
 I am so excited to have my babies home for the summer!  Jump for joy!
I am really happy to not have to pack lunches for 10 weeks!  Summer movies, workbooks and sleeping in here we come!

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