Mother's Day

 There are some days as a mom you feel like as long as none of your kids end up in jail, you will be winning!
Then there are other days you feel like you might be getting it right more than wrong.  Mother's Day made me feel that way as the kids showered me with sweet notes and gifts.
 Hank's class had a Mother's Day Tea with many sweet and thoughtful gifts.  Hank made me a turtle necklace, a pottery flower and a book about me.  I laughed so hard when he said he dedicated the song House Party to me because I love having a big House party.  My boy knows his mama too well.
 Max treated me to my favorite breakfast, eggs Benedict with potatoes and Mimosas.
 Then we got ready for church.  After the service they had a free picture session for moms.
 My goofy gang.
Karlie and Kaitlin put on a play for us.
 One thing we did not get to do enough of this spring was family bike rides.  The heat was already starting to turn up, so I used Mother's Day as a chance for our desert family ride.
 I love how close we live to wonderful desert trails.
 We stopped and had a picnic lunch before heading back.
To finish a perfect day we got in the hot tub and relaxed.  I had a wonderful day full of the things I love most.

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