Par For The Day

One of the gifts I got for Max was a morning of golfing with his buddies.  Max rarely takes time for himself with the guys.  He is always putting the kids' sports and spending time with me first.  I knew he would enjoy a forced morning of golf.
I was the Uber driver and the boys had a great time!  But Max being the guy he is and never letting us down had told me we would try to hike a double of Sunrise mountain in preparation for our Rim 2 Rim hike.  Our buddies had done it that morning in 2 hours and 58 minutes.  All I need is a little competition and I am ready to run.  We ran the downs and hiked the up.  Poor Max had a couple IPA's, a giant cheeseburger and fries at the 19th hole.  He was tasting it the entire hike but he wouldn't ask me to slow down.  He is a trooper!  We made the summit twice and did a total of 9.78 miles in two hours and fifty minutes.

The big hike was now just 3 weeks away and we were doing our best to be ready.

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