A Last Desert Hurrah!

We had one last day to celebrate and packed in as much as possible.
Max took those that wanted to mountain bike to Granite Mountain Loop where they rode for 8 miles.  Hailey, Max and Sam had gone out in the wash near us earlier in the week and Sam had ran through several Creosote bushes that caused him to develop a painful rash.  He ended up having to get a steroid shot.  Everyone was very cautious on this ride of not touching anything but granite!
After some lunch AJ and Hank began to reenact a scene in Star Wars when Anakin and Obi Wan fight on the lava banks.
They are like two peas in a pod.
So cute!
Max had a little time to try out his guitar.  He looks ready to rock!
 Then we took the boys and Nana out for some target practice.
Max is all about safety and protecting little ears.
 Boys just love to blow stuff up.
 It doesn't matter how old, big or small, they all love it.  Owen especially liked the deer rifle.
 Sam took the little boys out for a joy ride in the Jeep.
 Then they decided to take out the motorcycle.
 I think this was Hank's last front ride.  He is getting too big.  So Max said it is time to get him his own.  I said, no way!
Sam and AJ were going to give it a try but then decided it was a little too tight.
 We had a great afternoon playing in the desert.  AJ told me he is definitely coming back to Scottsdale and that Arizona is his favorite state.  :)
For our final evening the siblings and spouses went out to dinner and left the Bad Babysitters, better knowns as Nana and Pops, with the grand kids.
I forced family picture time before we left.  
These occasions only happen once in awhile so you have to be sure to take time to get some good pictures. :)
Quiet the crew.

We had to recreate the cousin picture from 4 years ago in Michigan!  I would say they have grown a bit.
 While the kids watched Star Wars outside on the projector screen we went out to dinner at the Quarter.
 Cheers to 40 and to a special week with family!

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