Beach Pics

There is really no better backdrop for family pictures than the Caribbean Sea.  It's teal blue waters and white sand beaches are stunning.  Just add people and you should have a perfect picture.
 Or so we thought...  
 Every year in the past we have waited too long until the end of the trip when we are all sunburned and peeling.
This year we were going to do it right and do it the second day before we got too much sun!
 However we were competing with the weather and a storm was blowing in.  But that was not in the plan.  We had already gotten all dressed and made-up.
It was now or never because there was enough moaning and groaning to get everyone ready once, there was no way I was going to endure it again while on vacation!
 But the wind had other ideas.  The term beach hair was never more true.  It was frizzy, flying and unmanageable.
We were too early in the day in the attempt to beat the storm so the light was very bright and harsh. Hence I had my sunglasses on for the entire first round.  So we had to redo the family session without my sunglasses on.  Sorry!
We were also having trouble with he camera steaming up and finding a perch to act as the tripod.  So the first round of pictures near the beach looked like we were taking them from a sand crabs point of view on a foggy San Francisco day.
 So we moved back away from the water where it was really hot!  Let me tell you about all the sounds of joy that were emanating from my children and Max.  You would have thought we were in Death Valley having their fingernails ripped out one by one rather than taking pictures in paradise.
 I begged, I pleaded, I threatened for smiles.  Get a good picture and we can be done and get our bathing suits on!
 They liked the one on one with mom and dad pictures much better.  We only had to get two people smiling, not squinting and with no hair in our faces.
As much torture as it was they are always happy to have the pictures later.
 As we were going through them they remember it with rose colored glasses and wondered why we didn't try harder to get ones where everyone didn't look like they were in pain.  LOL
 I loved seeing them with their Daddy.
 Little Buddy wanting to be just like Dad.
 His girls have him wrapped around their fingers and it shows.
They all love him so much.
This ended up being the winner.  Funny how when we took the last one with a big hug everyone really smiled, the hair calmed down and eyes opened a little wider.
 All we needed was love.

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