Beaches and Braids

We learned we are definitely beach people.
We tried lounging by the pool but the beauty of the beach and peaceful crashing of the waves can't be beat.
Every day we would walk to the end of the resort beach in the soft white sand.
As Zac Brown sings, "I got my toes in the water, a$$ in the sand.  Not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand.  Life is good today.  Life is good today."
 Beach hair don't care!
 They didn't mind taking pics in their suits and in the water. :)
 Happy times.
We decided our lunch table view might be the most ideal spot we have ever eaten.
The kids had so much fun getting dressed up for dinner each night.
We rarely go out to eat and have never taken them to fancy restaurants with multiple courses.  So each night was an exciting new experience at a different themed restaurant and knowing they could order anything on the menu made it so fun!
 When we had gone to Mexico 13 years ago to celebrate Max graduating medical school, I got my hair braided.  It was a great way to deal with beach hair and something you would never do in real life.
 The girls all wanted to try it too!
 Kaitlin was the only one that wanted her full head braided.
 The rest of us just got a few braids on the side.
 In less than a minute this woman could braid an entire braid from top to bottom and put beads on it.  She must have practiced hours and hours.
 We were all feeling pretty beach ready.
 Kaitlin loved not having to brush out tangled hair.  She kept them in for over a week!
Between the beach, the braids and the dinner dates out we were in paradise for sure.

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