First Taste of Paradise

To celebrate our 40th birthday we decide to take a family vacation to Mexico!
Our all time favorite vacation has been to Destin, Florida.  Unfortunately we are not the only ones who adore Destine and the prices have continued to climb every year so much that we could do an all-inclusive vacation to Mexico for the same price.  Since it was a special year with us turning 40, Hailey turning 16, and Karlie turning 13 we wanted to do something new and special!
 My biggest hesitation was going out of the states with Hank's allergies.  Eating out is difficult enough in America where they speak English and cater to many food allergies and preferences.  What would he eat safely in Mexico?  I brought an entire suitcase of nonperishable food he could live off if we couldn't find food safe for him.  It was a good sign when they had Fruit Loops!
The morning breakfast was like dessert!  The kids are never going to want to go anywhere else.
 A doughnut tower, waffles with chocolate syrup, and Cocoa Krispies with chocolate milk.  That is a taste of vacation for sure. :)
The grown up breakfasts tasted like pure vacation too!
 The night we got there we had to immediately run out to the beach and put our toes in the sand.
By 6 pm everyone had their fill of sun and sand, so we had the beach to ourselves!
 When we went back to get ready to eat at the buffet we had champagne and desserts waiting for us.  It was going to be hard to go back to reality after this kind of treatment.  :)
 Our room had a private swim up pool that we could relax in if we ever tired of the beach.
 Our first full day at the resort we spent the entire day just beach in it!
 The kids were in heaven with the warm water and the gentle surf.  Karlie spent hours in the water.
 Part of the fun of the all-inclusive is you get to get dressed up for the dinners at the specialty restaurants.
 Our first restaurant was French themed.  It sure makes if fun to go out when the more you eat and drink the better price performing the vacation is.  :)  We had so much fun with our four course meal!
 It would be our favorite restaurant on the entire resort.
 I was worried the dishes may be too fancy but the kids were delighted being so fancy and tried everything.
 It was an enchanting evening that I will not forget anytime soon.
They even had Nike as though to affirm we were indeed in paradise.

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