Four Eyes

While watching basketball on TV one night we noticed Hank kept setting up a mush pot right in front of the TV.  We would tell him to come back and snuggle on the couch with us.  He would oblige and then slowly begin scooting back to his original spot.  He said he could see the score better.
Kaitlin got a doctor kit many years ago for Christmas.  One of the items in it was a traditional eye exam chart.  She paced out 20 feet, set up the chart and determined Hank needed glasses!  We set up his appointment and sure enough, Hank need glasses pretty badly.  He has worse vision than either Karlie or I do.   Poor guy.  We are wondering if school might be a little easier if he can see and if his timing with the ball might improve too!  I was worried my athletic guy would not keep his glasses on but the dramatic ability to see clearly has him wearing them from morning until night.  He is my cute little four eyes!

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