Sweet 16!

 We have been to a few over the top Sweet 16 parties this year.  Some of them certainly must have cost more than our wedding!  Scottsdale is a strange little bubble with kids driving BMWs, Mercedes G63s, and many getting brand new cars for their 16th birthday.
 Hailey had a pool party with all of her friends for her Sweet 16 but she wanted it to be very low key.  No theme was allowed and she was unusually concerned about being embarrassed.  She didn't even want a cake.  She more wanted just a party without her being the center of attention.  She didn't want a DJ or anything fancy.  She made the play list, we made burgers and dogs, and they all just hung out.
I told her if she was having a birthday party she had to have a cake and let us sing Happy Birthday to her!
 She agreed but asked if it had to have candles.  Of course!  I am so embarrassing. I told her you only have a few really special birthdays left and 16 is one of the big ones.
 Her friends were cute as they sang to her.
 I think she will forgive me one day. :)
 After cake I brought out a new driver basket gift.  It had all the things you need in your car.  An emergency roadside assistance kit with jumper cables, flashlight, flares, and a first aid kit.  It also had sunshades, a cold and hot travel mug, a gift card to Starbucks, Kleenex, chapstick, an Arizona map just in case the phone is lost or broken.  I added a  Tree car freshener, hand sanitizer, and a new keyring with a cross on it that also had a new key on it but she didn't notice.  I also put a phone jack cable in the basket.
 We had been planning on having her drive the truck.  That is what we have taught her to drive in and was what she was expecting.  However, the truck has taken a few hits like the AC going out, the stereo is blown, and now the drivers window doesn't work.  The one thing she really wanted, even over AC was a stereo that she could access the music from her phone.  Well, the 2000 Chevy stereo certainly did not have that capability.  We had planed to get her a new sound system before the truck started falling apart.  Then I started to feel bad she would have to drive such huge car.  Driving the bus is hard for me and I have been driving a long time and the truck has an even worse turning radius.  We began to look at cars....
 When she grabbed the AUX cord I told her we needed to go check out her new system!  The younger kids were waiting with confetti blasters to blast her as she walked out to her new car!
 All the pieces fell into order for us to buy her a 2006 Toyota 4Runner.  It has a nice stereo and a sunroof!  Mama will feel safe with her in a bigger car and our mechanic says these cars can easily go for 300K miles and are inexpensive to repair.  All three important for her as she goes off to college in two years where money and reliability are very important.
  She was so surprised!
 The one thing Hailey really did want at her party was photo booth set up.  
Max constructed the backdrop she wanted and we ordered a bunch of props.  They had so much fun taking pics.
 Our artistic gal really enjoyed making beautiful pictures.
 One of the coolest thing about Hailey is that she is friends with many different types of kids.
 She had her alternative friends, her church friends, and school friends.
 Everyone all mingled together.  I was worried there might be awkward and isolated groups but they all just hung out together.
 Hailey said it was the best birthday party she has ever had.  :)
That is the way it is suppose to be my sweet 16.
Happy Birthday!!

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