Te Amamos Mexico! (We Love Mexico)

 Our vacation to Mexico was a vacation of a lifetime. 
 It exceeded all my dreams and will be a treasured memory for the rest of my life.
 Not only were we in paradise but we were all together and disconnected from the real world, technology, and all other things that pull us in different directions.
 It reminded me of when the kids were small the way they all played with each other and hung out with us. :)
Time to run in the surf, snorkel, build sand castles, race along the beach, and take naps under the swaying palm trees.
 We had such an amazing time together.
Everyday we had lunch at our spot at Captain Morgan's.

After a day of sun and playing we always looked forward to a new themed dining experience.
 After the French restaurant, the hibachi Tokyo restaurant was our favorite.
 We were wowed with the Mayan coffee presentation at the Mexican restaurant.
Everything about the resort was beautiful and pleasing to the senses.

Except maybe the Italian restaurant.  We think Kaitlin's anxiety about Hank eating something he was allergic to caused her to get sick.  This was the only place that food was terrible and the service was even worse.  So we left and hit up the snacks in our room.
 If you could dream it, it was there.  Little buddy and I would snuggle in the hammock in the mornings.  Priceless.
 The girls even got to hold a monkey.
 The monkey is Kaitlin's favorite animal so she was delighted to get a chance to hold him.  He loved her beads.
 It was as if we had the whole beach to ourselves.
 The only reason any of us were ready to go home was to have some home cooked meals.
 We were all melancholy on our last day.  The soft ocean air, crashing of the surf, and wonders of a vacation in paradise were not things we were ready to say adios to.
 40 is definitely feeling fabulous!
I love these guys so much.  They are my world and make my life full of love and joy.  I am very grateful for the special vacation in paradise that was better than even my dreams could have imagined.
 MKHKKH 2017 Mexico

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