First Phone!

Guess who got their first phone yesterday?
Getting a phone in our house is a right of passage.  Once they start middle school we allow them to get a phone.  Hailey and Karlie had to prove their responsibleness by having a basic flip phone for a year and half.  They were both upgraded to the coveted iPhone for Christmas of their 7th grade year.  Karlie was literally the ONLY kid she new in school that did not have a smartphone.  Of course we had planned to have Kaitlin suffer through the same humiliation and prove herself. But as the technology wheel spins ever faster, it was now going to be more expensive to get a flip phone than a Samsung smart phone!  They were willing to give us the phone for free where we would have to pay over $100 for a flip phone that basically is used in just emergencies.  So we decided she could get the phone but is not allowed to use data.  We may become Android users after this intro.  They have so many valuable features for parental controls.  We can control from our phones turning of cellular data, setting automatic bedtimes where the phone shuts down to calls only, and monitoring what apps she uses and for how long.  Apple better catch up!  Needless to say Kaitlin is on cloud 9 and her sisters are slightly resentful.  I told them by the time Hank gets to middle school they will probably be giving iPhones away.

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