Fourth Fun

I woke up to find Hank making a Lego scene.  I love summer so much when the kids just have time to play.  The 4th of July was a day full of playing!
 Kaitlin and one of her best buddies had fun playing with the make-up.
 Hailey got into the patriotic make-up too!
 Firecrackers in the pool and after dark were in order.

 The kids love having Max throw them in the pool.
 They are getting so big, I don't know how he does it.
 He wondered why he was sore the next morning.
Kaitlin made a patriotic cake with just a little help from daddy.
Kaitlin and Melina made a restaurant for desert.
 The Candy Land ice-cream was especially fun with lollipops sticking out of it!
 Max put on a great show for us.
 Sparklers and Poppers are always the kids' favorite.
 Sparkle and Dab.  LOL
 We had really fun day playing and were grateful for all of our freedoms.

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