Taking Off For Telluride

Our annual Telluride trip escalated this year.  Our good family friends invited us to go with them this year.  They usually go in the winter to ski and have never gone in the summer.  We needed to rent a U-haul trailer to drag all 11 bikes up there!
A new addition was also Hailey getting to bring a friend.  We decided at 16 you can bring a buddy.  Grace was such fun and a blessing to have on the trip.
We normally stay in much more modest accommodations but Aimee's parents are part of a travel club that gives them access to incredible properties around the world.  By combining our stay we were able to stay in the castle on the hill!  This house was incredible!
 Max finally got to relax after a long 8 hour drive.  Little Juliana calls Max her second dad.  :)
 The house sits on the third hole of the Telluride golf course.  It would be a daily battle keeping the kids off of it and watching for errant balls.  The kids would go out at night and search for golf balls like an Easter egg hunt.
All of us whimpy Arizonans were dressed like it was the middle of winter.  The cool night air was so wonderful!  It was a treat to feel cold.
The views were not bad either.

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