Telluride Trio: Bike, Hike, Fish

We are in love with Telluride.  As an active family the heat in the summer in Arizona can be oppressive.  It is hard to be stuck inside all summer.  Escaping to Telluride allows us a few days to play outside as much as we can.

 The free Gondola makes mountain bike riding and hiking so easy.  All you have to do is go down!  The first day we took a group circus ride down to the town of Telluride from Mountain Village.  Loading and unloading 11 bikes on and off the Gondola 4 times each way is a bit of an ordeal.  However, it is getting easier and easier as the kids get bigger.
Grace did not have a bike so we brought an extra.  It wasn't until we were on the mountain bike trail that I learned Grace had only learned to ride a bike two years ago and had never been on a mountain bike.  She also had not been on a bike in over a year.  There was a learning curve for sure.  I hung back and coached her while the rest of the gang made their way along the river.  I told her not to worry, I have been the back of the caboose forever and I am always coaching one of the kids.  She was so grateful and relieved.  She picked it up pretty well by the time we made it back to the town.  At that point Bill and Ben went to ride the more serious downs while Hailey and Grace hung out in the town.  The rest of us continued toward Bridal Veil Falls.  Little 6 year old Julianna ended up biking over 10 miles!  We stopped by the river to cool off and Max dunked the kids.  Soaking in the hot tub was a perfect ending.
Max loves Telluride because he can literally ride downhill until his legs scream and his hands can't break anymore.  The last day he biked for most of the day and came back a muddy mess but you couldn't wipe the grin off his face.
The next day we headed up to Alta lakes to fish.  Grace had never been fishing before either and was very excited.  By the end of the afternoon she was helping me bait hooks!
 This is by far one of my favorite activities in Telluride.  The kids are so excited to real in the big guys and you could not imagine a more picturesque place to sit on the banks.  With so many poles in the water someone is always casting or reeling one in.
 I felt bad for Max, he was the only man on deck as Bill had to work.  Usually Pops and he are the dynamic fishing duo and are continually helping string lines, net fish, pull out hooks, and fix broken bobbers or caught lines.  
 With this team everyone was wanting Max's help.  I tried to help by netting and stringing fish, and bating hooks.  But removing the hooks was still a daddy job.  :)
We were wildly successful!  Everyone caught a huge fish.
Max was going to have his work cut out for him cleaning all the fish.

 It was a gorgeous and fun day by the lake.

One big dysFUNctional family that reeked like fish.
 When we got back to the castle, Max and I took a little nap in the drizzling rain.
 Max seems to always have the perfect beverage for the occasion.
The chess board got a lot of use between Max and Karlie and Hank and Ben.
 Ben is in the chess club and was coaching Hank on how to play.
 For those of us a little less cerebral, we played Jenga.  It was so peaceful playing games and listen to the rain fall.
 Hank and Ben played outside constantly.  They were hauling sticks and wood from the side of the house to make a fort.  They thought they were Mindcrafting outside.
 The golf balls were treasure, especially the colored ones.  It was awesome to just let him run around and play.  That is one of the things I miss most about Colorado summers, is the kids running free in the backyard and over to friends' houses.  In Arizona it can be life treating to play out in the heat and there are dangerous snakes, pokey cactus, and high walls making it impossible to go play.  The pool is your only respite but that requires an adult to supervise too.
 We attempted to go out to a nice dinner in the town one night but after waiting 2 hours we ditched Main St. Telluride and went to Mountain Village for some pizza.
Max found another perfect Ale to try.  :)
 One night we decided to do S'mores.  Bill, the former Boy Scout, had us laughing till we cried as he attempted to make the fire.  After several attempts with the kindling and newspaper and nothing but smoke, Max walked over and turned on the gas switch and had a roaring fire.   Who knew the real fireplace also had a gas lighter sticking out of the wood holder.
 We ate and celebrated enough for an entire summer!
Hailey and Grace wanted to try the chair.  You start out with a chair under each of your backs and then someone pulls the chairs out from under each person until we were all holding each other up without any chairs under us!  Lean on me...  It was fun from morning till night until Tuesday.  Tuesday morning we would set out to do Telluride's Via Ferrata.

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