Kaitlin's Back To School Date

Behind Max, Kaitlin is our number one baseball fan.  She loves watching baseball, especially Goldie.  :)  She loved her date so much last year she couldn't wait to do it again.  This time we hit a Friday night game so she could see the fireworks afterward.
It was a really fun game.  Baseball can be slow but with all the trips to get food and hits, it was really fun.  She ate the foot long dog AND a churro dog, which is a doughnut cut like a bun with the churro as the hot dog and then the toppings are ice-cream and chocolate sauce!  Kaitlin's goals consisted of getting an A in advanced math, making the volleyball team at school, and reading her Bible more.  Kaitlin is very organized and has transitioned into middle school seamlessly.  I know with her work ethic she can make all her dreams come true.  Her heart is so giving and tender I wish she didn't have to ever go out in the big bad world.

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