Karlie's Back To School Date

We like to start the school year off taking each of the kids out alone on a date.  They get to pick an activity to do with just mom and dad.  I think dining at the fancy restaurants in Mexico gave Karlie and appetite for fine dinning!  She wanted to go out to a nice restaurant with us.
We all got dressed up and headed to Eddie V's Seafood and Steakhouse.  I had never been there either so it was a treat for me as well.  Karlie ordered the crab and shrimp salad, lobster taco appetizers, and Alaskan king crab legs.  She also really enjoyed bites of Max's filet mignon!  Over the courses we discussed how Karlie is doing as well as physical, mental and spiritual goals for the year.  We also talked about five year goals and what she need to start doing to work toward that.  In five years she sees herself getting ready to go to Notre Dame.  We talked about many fun things over the delicious dinner.  Our little girl sure is growing into a lovely lady with big dreams and a big heart.

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