Last Weekend of Summer

We filled our final weekend of summer with as much fun as we could.   I took the girls to get their nails done.  It is always a special treat to have pretty nails.  Hailey and Kaitlin chose to get a pedicure while Karlie opted for a manicure.  I know they are surely growing up when they don't qualify for the kids price anymore!
 We hosted a Back To School BBQ with many of our friends.  It was great to see everyone reconnecting after a summer of travels.  We are so lucky to have such a nice group of family friends.  It is great when the kids and grown ups can play at the same time.  One grown up might have taught the kids to chuck salami at the ceiling fan to see if you can get it to shoot onto the wall and stick!  I keep finding greasy splats!
 On Saturday we went boating with our best friends to celebrate Aimee's 40th birthday!
 Adults day out on the boat is hard to beat.
We got in lots of surfing time.  It is so much fun!  I still can't let go of the rope but I am getting close. One of these days I am going to try it the right way and not be goofy foot with my feet.  I keep telling them they have to do it backward before they can taunt me about letting go of the rope.
 After spending the morning  surfing we blew up the Oasis water island and had a redneck yacht club.  :)
 Happiest birthday wishes!  I told her our 40's are going to be full of adventure and celebrating if her birthday party was any indication.
 As our last supper before school we had a grinder, a true summer favorite.
 With Kaitlin moving onto middle school she now gets to attend our church's back to school RACE.  She is on the Blue Sharks while Karlie and Hailey are on the Black Lions.  A divided family...
 While I can't say I am excited to be going back to school, I am excited to see what wonderful things happen and great memories they will make over the school year.  My Junior year of high school was one of the funnest.  The freedom of driving, later curfews and all the fun and rowdy adventure of being 16!  I know Hailey will have to work very hard but its rewards will be sweet.  Karlie is now the queen of the school and embarking on many changes.  While middle school is generally a rough time, being at the top of it is exciting and brings a new confidence.  Kaitlin is wading into a whole new scene and schedule.  She is lucky to have two big sister to help guide her through the often turbulent waters ahead.
Hank is growing like a weed and it will be interesting to watch him navigate school without the loving and protective care of his big sisters.  Little man is going to have to take care of himself for once!  LOL  Many changes going on this year for sure.

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