Our Goddess...

Hailey's clavicle break was severe enough to require surgery.  Usually they allow the collarbone to just mend back itself but hers was overlapping so much that it would need to be platted and screwed back in place.
Mayo Clinic Arizona will take patients as early as 16 years old.  She just made it!  We are very grateful to have her taken care of by Mayo.

 The night before we dropped each of the kids off with a friend because Hailey was the first surgery of the day and we had to be there by 6 am.  We took her out for a Dairy Queen treat and watched the sun set.
 An added bonus of going to Mayo was that Max could work a floor away and come down when she needed him.
 Got the mark for the Dr. to fix!
 As mom you have to be strong and not crack so they can be brave.  While Hailey was hurt I managed to put on my most clinical nurse face and reassuringly told her she was going to be fine.  However as soon as they rolled her away toward the operating room the hot tears came rolling down my cheeks.  Hailey was nervous that we couldn't accompany her to the OR.  Luckily the nurse anesthetists gave her some Valium and she was calm and sleepy seconds later.  But it is so hard to watch your baby have to go through pain and fear.  The hour long surgery seemed like forever.  I was so relieved when they called me into see her and learned everything had gone so well.  The doctor said she has excellent bones and it snapped back together like a Lego piece.  Must be all that milk she drinks. :)

She wanted us to video her being silly while coming off of the drugs used in the OR.  Here is our Goddess Beyonce.
My friend brought her a sweet get well package of all the things a healing Goddess needs.  I am happy to report that Hailey is recovering well and hoping to go back to school on Monday.  She has to be in the sling full time for three weeks and then mostly for another three weeks.  This is delaying her new freedom of driving.  She is bummed, I am not! :)

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