Solar Eclipse 2017

A rare celestial event that has not happened in the United States for 99 years is about to happen, what do you think our school district did?  No, they did not teach the kids to make viewing boxes and urge parents to provide eclipse glasses so they could take the kids outside to experience the rare event, instead they implemented a lock down to "protect the children."  Yes, even though that sun is shining every day, during the eclipse they locked them in their classroom to watch it on TV.  Because it is much safer and better to watch it on TV than actually experience science.  
 I was having none of that.  We decided to have our own viewing party!  We went to breakfast with friends at our favorite restaurant and then headed to the park.  The kids played and would periodically run back to us and look safely at the sun with the correct ISO solar eclipse glasses.  Then they would run off to play more.  Funny, never once did they want to look at the sun without the glasses.  I suppose I am actually happy the district did this so I had a reason to have the kids play hoookie and we got to experience it together.  Max even ran across the street to the park to partake in the peak eclipse.  We had Total Eclipse of The Heart playing in the background and talked all about eclipses.  But I am sure it would have been much better to watch it on TV.
The ridiculous lock down is a reflection of our world today.  No one could even go to the bathroom during the peak viewing time of 10-11am and when I checked the kids back into school at 11 they had to be escorted to be sure they didn't look at the sun.  Even high school students were locked down for their safety!  We have turned into such a snowflake society that we have to protect our children from possibly choosing to look at the sun without proper eye protection.  It is a sad day in America when we cannot rely on our youth to make good decisions with proper safety education and the system feels it needs to protect itself from liability.  Accountability and common sense are lost.  
In ancient civilizations solar eclipses were seen as ominous signs of horrible things to come.  They have been blamed for things such as Kings dying, wars, the Great Plague, and Small Pox epidemics.  Even today some claim that Joel's revelation, The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord come, is referring to the eclipse of 2017.  It will be seven years until the next eclipse crosses America prompting some to believe this eclipse marks the beginning of the seven years of tribulation.  I pray it is nothing but a wonderful astronomical event and that in seven years the school district and America are in a better place to witness such a unique event.

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