Way Too Much Growing Up Going On!

Going to middle school is a big change.  Not only do the kids get phones, but the ladies are allowed to shave if they want to.  Kaitlin is blessed with the hair growing gene.  She grows thick, luxurious hair rapidly.  She has some of the longest natural eyelashes you have ever seen.  While all that is wonderful for hair and lashes, it is not so great for legs and arms.  She was so excited to shave especially since most of her friends have already.
 We managed to shave both legs without a single cut!  Kaitlin was positively thrilled with her smooth and silky legs.  I was positively dying inside because my last little girl is on the upward slope to becoming a woman.
Max said there is entirely way too much growing up going on in this house, as though he could command time to slow down.  It think seeing Kaitlin practicing applying mascara almost stopped his heart.  He began to protest and I reminded him that this was another big rite of passage allowed for middle school.  Just mascara until next year where a little eye shadow is allowed.  Neither of us are doing very well with this stage.  When they were little you were so excited when they said, "Mama", or crawled or walked.  You felt smug when your kid achieved milestones earlier than your friends' children.  Now we want nothing more than for them to stop flying through the milestones and would love if they were at the low end of normal on achieving developmental milestones.  The term growing pains has never been more real than this year.  They are ready, we just aren't. :(

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