First Day of Fall

 There really is no such thing as fall in Phoenix.  Around Halloween it finally flips into winter.  You go from highs of upper 90s straight to highs of 68 degrees!  However, on the first day of fall we had a bit of cool spell.  It was below 90 degrees all day.  I took the opportunity to go for a hike with some of my girlfriends.
That evening Hank went to a lacrosse clinic and it was actually beautiful and pleasant.  It made me yearn for Colorado falls.  It is the season I miss most.  This Desert Bird of Paradise is about as close as you get to fall colors.  Oh to have that crisp fall air and beautiful fall leaves.
 It was finally cool enough to have a lemonade stand.  The girls made quite a killing on a Saturday afternoon.  People start to come out of the summer hibernation and many neighbors stopped by to say hello.
But we can't get our hopes up.  We have to steel ourselves to the fact that this was a rare cool spell and the heat will be back to haunt us until Halloween.  But we sure soaked up the weekend of "cool" fall weather!

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