100 Mile Homecoming!!

One day Hailey was blue that she was not in great shape.  Since breaking her collarbone she was not able to mountain bike like she had been doing all year.  With Homecoming in a little over a month she was feeling really bummed.  So I challenged her to do the Homecoming 100 miles with me!
We had until Homecoming, or 32 days,  to put in a 100 miles of exercise by walking, running, or elliptical.  It was going to be challenging because we were going to California one weekend and doing our States Trip for 8 days.  Traveling always makes it extra hard to put in the miles.

We kicked off our challenge by running 6.7 miles to Starbucks where we got a well deserved reward.  I tried to keep up an average of 3.2 miles a day but vacation was a killer for me.  However, Hailey would not be deterred.  While in California she ran over 3 miles with me on the beach and after our busy days sightseeing in D.C. she would head down to the gym to put in a few more miles!  I would kick my feet up with a glass of wine.  The difference of being young and strong and old and tired!  We both finished the week of Homecoming!!  I am so proud of her.  She transformed into a runner even though she hated it at first.  She loves the way it made her feel strong.  She plans to keep on running even after she is cleared to ride again.  I am not sure how many more of these 100 mile challenges I am up for, but if Siri and Hailey keep pushing me, I will keep trying.

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