We like to try and take the kids' picture in front of the state welcome sign whenever we feel it is safe.  Often you cross over the state line on a busy freeway so its not possible but when we happen to be on a slow country road we have the kids pile out to take their picture.  There is usually much groaning and bashing of teeth about getting shoes on, someone stepped on my stuff, and so on.
Then I am always scheming for the best and safest way to get the picture.  Max captured such a moment as it usually goes down.  He waits in the comfort of the car and amusingly watches the circus of me arranging them, walking in grass with bugs or muddy puddles, and listening to the kids bicker.
Sometimes pictures are worth a thousand words.
Our main stop in Delaware was Dover where we visited historic Delaware and the capital.
 We walked around the Old State House and took a tour of it.  We learned of the history of the building, the architectural changes, and its place in Delaware history over the last 224 years.  The museum guide was very excited to share his information with us, however the kids' eyes began to gloss over about 5 minutes into the 30 minute tour.  :)  Needless to say they did not want to take anymore tours.
It surprised me how quiet the historic section was.  We were one of only two other groups we saw.  I could imagine it bustling with activity two centuries ago.  We also walked to the Golden Fleece Tavern building.  It is the birthplace of the Delaware.  Initially people met for crimes against the crown and spreading revolutionary ideas.   It later became the meeting place for the legislative body until the State House was completed.  "Translation: major decisions were made by politicians who were drinking heavily," Golden Fleece Tavern.  It was in the Golden Fleece that Delaware became the first state to ratify the Federal Constitution on December 7, 1787.  The Council also chose to meet here to celebrate approving the Bill of Rights in 1790.  The current bar has been moved to a new location but they "hope to continue the tradition of healthy revolution and become a place where those of a slightly rebellious nature with love for good times and sincere smiles will find a home. 
After two states and walking deep through our country's history, I was out like a light on our way to Pennsylvania!  Practically sleeping beauty.  :)

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