Halloween Hauntings!

We just love October.  There are so many fun Halloween related things to do, mostly around food!
 One of our most favorite traditions is to go Booing.  The kids love picking out goodies and treats to fill baskets for their friends.  Leaving the basket at the door and door bell ditching is their favorite part.  This year on our first outing we got busted!  Nick was in the garage and caught us pulling up!  On our second run we got caught again by Kaitlin's friend!  Never, never go back and check.  We snuck back to see if they got the basket and they were waiting for us!  Rats!  Almost as much fun as booing is waiting for our boos.  The kids sprint to the door every time the door bell rings only to find an Amazon box most of the time.  :)
 One of the many things I miss about Colorado is our visit to the pumpkin patch.  We had to settle for Albertson's pumpkin patch this year.  Lame but cheap!
 I figured we could splurge and try the limited time Zombie Frappuccino.  Boo!  It was no good.  Hopefully Starbucks never brings it back from the dead.  You know its bad if not one out of 4 kids like it and we had to throw it away.
 We made so many spooktacular treats!
Eggless sugar cookies were a hit.  Walmart's decorating icing came to the rescue.  These were the cutest cookies our family has ever produced thanks to their easy to piping icing.  I am excited to do Christmas cookies this year just because of the icing.
 Max and Hank's favorite eggless pumpkin cheesecake is an annual tradition on national pumpkin cheesecake day.
I am a sucker for Peeps on chocolate cupcakes.
Hailey and Karlie help run booths at our church's Trunk or Treat this year and Hailey designed the picture chalkboard!  Kaitlin and Hank had fun visiting the trucks and playing games.
 It was so hot for carving pumpkins!  I think we could have made pumpkin pie on the patio.  It still surprises me how the kids all do their pumpkins all on their own.  I remember the days of carving pumpkin after pumpkin.  I was the first one done this year and got to sit back and watch them work.  Spooky!
In less than 24 hours the pumpkins had completely molded over!  Gross.  That is how hot it is.  We put them outside and they soon turned to piles of mush.  I guess you have to carve them on Halloween to have any hope of using them.
 The final celebration before Halloween is always Siri's birthday.  She turned 6 this year!  She now knows when the birthday hats come out, good stuff is in store for her.  She happily sits on Max's lap to eat her meat cupcake.  She knew exactly how to pull the tissue out of the bag to find her new chew toys.  But the best present Siri got was chewing on a giant beef rib.  It's a ruff life for our girl.
We made some caramel covered apples for dessert because the poor kids weren't going to get enough sugar tomorrow on Halloween. What a wild and fun month we had!

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