Everything seemed show rushed in October.  We flipped the calendar and realized Homecoming was in three weeks and we would be gone all three weekends leading up to it.  That meant we had no time to go shopping.  GASP!  For the first time ever, we bought a bunch of dresses on-line and had them shipped to the house.  When we returned from our States Trip they were all waiting!  Hailed did a fashion show and the lady in red won hands down.
Some of Hailey's girlfriends came over to get ready at our house.  It doesn't matter how early they get started, they are still scrambling to get out the door when the boys show up.  The boys had to play pool with Max for 30 minutes while we did speed hair and make-up.
Then we drove to downtown Scottsdale to the famous LOVE statue.  Just as we got out of the car Hailey realized she left her school ID at home, even though she was reminded many times to grab it.  Do you read the irritation between the lines? Kids!  So I stayed to take pictures while Max raced home to grab it for her.
 She has such a nice group of friends.

 Only one of the the pairs were a true couple, all the rest were just friends.
 Hailey looked stunning.  She had the  night of her life and danced until they shut the place down.  High school is such a sweet time and she is really loving it.
She is such a beautiful girl from the inside out.

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