Early Wednesday morning we departed DC and headed to Annapolis, Maryland.  Originally we had planned to take a sailing trip of the Chesapeake Bay since Annapolis is known as the "America's sailing capital."  However, the weather forecast had rain so we canceled those plans.  Once again our sailing pursuits were foiled.  I guess we are just land lovers.  Instead we walked along the beautiful cobblestone streets to the Maryland State House.  It is he oldest state capitol still in use and it is the only state house to once serve as the capitol for America.
The Continental Congress met there from 1783-1784 and it is where George Washington came to deliver his resignation of commander-in-chief of the Continental Army.  The Treaty of Paris was ratified here too, which officially marked the end of the Revolutionary War.
 His hand written letter sits in the State House hallway across form the room he delivered his speech. It was really cool to be able to imagine him standing there delivering his speech.
"Having now finished the work assigned me, I retire from the great theatre of action, and bidding an affectionate farewell to this august body, under whose orders I have so long acted, I here offer my commission, and take my leave of all the employments of public life." ~ George Washington
The incredible act of giving up his political power spread far and wide.  The idea that the leader of this new nation would hand over his power was so novel that it only made people adore and admire Washington even more.  Supposedly, King George said if Washington did that he would be the greatest man in the world!  It seems to me he really just did want to go home to Martha and live a comfortable life in Mt. Vernon.  Immediately after delivering his speech he rode off to be home for Christmas not knowing he would soon be the first and arguably one of the greatest leaders our nation has ever had.
 We fell in love with Annapolis.  For a capitol city we expected a large bustling city, where it had the feel of quite, small town.  The old homes, historic buildings, and cobblestone streets where idyllic.
When we first arrived in Maryland we joked about how ugly their flag is.  We laughed that it is the only flag that clashes with itself.  By the end of our morning we were all converts and decided ti must be one of the best flags in the Union!    Trust me, it grows on you. :)
 We also walked by the Naval Academy.  I was thinking I wouldn't mind if Hank ended up there.  It was such a beautiful town.

We had worked up quite an appetite.  In my little State Facts sheet the State Crustacean is the Maryland Blue Crab.  I had to find a place to try the blue crab.  Cantler's seemed the perfect fit.  When we arrived our waitress told us that it was the number one restaurant in all of Maryland.
It was getting better by the minute. We found a picnic bench outside by the water and order a pile of crabs.  The waitress then brought out a butcher paper table cloth and said it was about to get messy!
She brought the tools and gave us demo on how to shell them.
 Max found a state beer to pair with the meal.
 I was having flashback to our Maine lobster lunch.  Hank loved shelling them.
 Kaitlin did not!
Karlie was all about it.
Hailey was on the fence.  She enjoyed the taste but found the process a bit barbaric.  I will admit King Crab legs are so much easier.  But it was a wonderfully fun lunch.
Boy those M states and their seafood are winning us over for sure.

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