Chase Rice

One of our favorite dates is to go to a country concert.  We were lucky enough to see Chase Rice in a very small venue that was standing room only.  We were just a few feet away from the stage!  
That is how a concert is meant to be.  Forget all the big light shows and choreographed dances, put me next to the stage to watch them sing and be candid.  It was one of our favorite concerts because everything was not so perfectly rehearsed.  You really get to see the artist, not a production.  At one point he put on the Pat Tillman ASU jersey and went off on the NFL with Veterans Day approaching.  He was remarking how double speak it is to have a giant Veterans Day performance and flag waving ceremony during the half time show when they won't even require, or that would need to require, their players to stand for the flag.  I do love me a country cowboy!  But near as as much as I love my cowboy who is willing to take me to a concert on a school/work night and dance with me.

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