In a New York Minute

We set out early to try to see as much of New York City as we could.  We passed several food stands and McDonalds, but had a bight idea to find a bagel shop.  Since it's NYC, there happened to be one 2 blocks from where our decision was made.
We grabbed bagels from Pick A Bagel, after a long wait in line, and took them to Central Park to have breakfast.  The bagels lived up to the great reviews online.  The only questionable one was Karlie's pumpkin bagel with strawberry cream cheese.  Hailey ended up with a $20 bagel filled with salmon!
It was meant to be as there was a little table with 6 chairs open - in Central Park on a Saturday morning!
After enjoying some tasty bagels and loads of cream cheese we walked through the park, which was quite lovely.  I would have to live near the park and escape there daily if I lived in NYC.  We joked that we could breath better in the park.  Even in the open space of the park, we were surprised at the sheer number of people out.
After the kids played at the playground we continued to walk to the Grand Army Plaza.  It reminded me of monuments in Paris.  Sure enough, while the sculpture of William Techuseh Sherman, a Civil War General was built in New York City, the horse sculpture was actually finished several years later in Paris!
We continued to walk down 5th Ave to St. Patrick's Cathedral.  We window shopped at all the designer stores.
None of them caught our eye the way St. Patrick's Cathedral did.  It was so beautiful.  I loved sitting in the church listening to the organ play.  I wanted to be Catholic, just to attend mass in this incredible place!
 After enjoying a rest at the cathedral we walked onto Radio City Music Hall and the Rockefeller Center.
 We were too tired to ice skate if you can imagine!
 By lunch time we were all feeling like we had had our fill of the Big Apple.  We were ready to get home to our wide open desert.
 One final crazy push dragging our suitcases through Times Square and another frantic hour in NYC traffic to finish our loop back to Baltimore to fly home.  I would say we burned every minute we had to see New York!
I was a little sad on the flight home.  This trip signaled the last states trip with more than one state.  No more long road trips, piling out to take pictures at the state sign, and no more changing hotels each night.  This trip completed all of the continental U.S. for MKHKKH.  We only have Hawaii and Alaska left to complete our Family 50!  What a trip it has been.  So many incredible memories to treasure for a lifetime.

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