12 Days of Giving ~ Day 12

Just in the nick of time we finished our 12 Days of Giving.  Cleaning up the desert near our house is one of our favorite activities.  We get so much enjoyment running and riding bikes in it that it just makes sense to try and help keep it clean.  We had to walk further than usual to fill our bags with trash, which is great thing!
It was a beautiful Christmas Eve morning.  As with every year I aim to teach the kids that Christmas is so much more than getting presents.  It is truly about the most wonderful gift ever, Jesus.  The ultimate giver.  There are needs all around us.  It is so easy to be consumed by our own "needs" that we can become indifferent to the needs of others.  During this hectic time of year it is especially hard to find time and energy to give to things not benefiting you or your family.  However, every year we all feel we have gained so much by putting forth the effort to do just a little more to care for the elderly, the poor, the sick, suffering children, the hungry, the Veterans, and the environment.

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