12 Days of Giving ~ Day 5

We love our church.  Apparently quite a few other people do too as it has grown considerably since we first moved here.  It is full of young families and the student area had to be expanded.  Building campaigns are always a bummer but part of a growing and successful church.  We had partnered with our church to help fund the expansion.  It was a 3 million dollar project that they wanted to achieve debt free.  
At the end of the year they were down to $150,000 to be debt free.  We decided to all give to help them reach their goals. The kids each pulled 10 percent out of their savings accounts and piggy banks.  As a family we helped make a dent in the final balance.  Our pastor announced that not only had they met the goal, but exceeded it by $20K that will be used to help in our outreach and missionary programs.  We are very thankful to be part of McDowell Community church and happy we could help support its growth.

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