Coffee House

The Choir Club puts on a Coffee House production every year where the students get to sing and play instruments while you sip coffee, tea, or lemonade and snack on sweets.  Hailey auditioned for and made  two performances this year.  She sang and played the piano to Let It Go, not the one from Frozen. :)  She also did a Hallelujah harmony with Julia who plays the violin, and Brant who plays the guitar.  All of her friends and church leader came to support her and the other kids from church performing.  They are such a talented bunch.
Max and I were utterly blown away watching Hailey perform.  It is really something to watch your child do something you could never do.  Her musical gifts are such a joy to listen to.  I tease Max that they must have given us the wrong baby at the hospital because we can't sing a note to save our lives. 
I think we were more nervous than she was.  I found myself holding my breath and playing each note in my mind.  I was also fighting tears the whole time.  She makes us so proud.

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