Merry Christmas!

Santa was very good to the kids this year!  Blessings of all sorts overflowed the tree and our hearts.
One of the things Hailey most looks forward to is her stocking that is full of daily treats like mascara, deodorant, socks and undies. :)
Hmmm.  Santa got everyone organizers.  Maybe we can keep on track a little better this year!
While Hailey loved the daily essentials, Hank found them boring.  "Oh man, underwear!"  I guess he was expecting coal after opening his stocking.
We make the unwrapping last all morning.  There are no present piles.  They go in turn and select a gift from the tree and we all watch and enjoy it.
After a while everyone starts to get really hungry so we have to take a hot cocoa break.
No matter how big the Christmas, their favorite thing is to see each other open the gifts they have gotten for each other.  Karlie and Kaitlin went in to get Hailey a blow up couch for her car and they couldn't wait for her to try it out!
Hailey's favorite gift was a opal ring from us.
Karlie has become a full fledged teen and in love with all things from PINK, including bras.  It was the PINK Christmas for Karlie.
Kaitlin was so happy to get a bunch of squishes and slime supplies.
Hank thought he might have gotten a Nimbus 2000 from Harry Potter but it was actually a lacrosse stick.  He got all the gear for his new sport.
He has always loved to dress up and now he gets to dress up like a warrior and is thrilled, sure hope he likes playing lacrosse!
Along with lacrosse gear he was so excited to get Nerf Rival gear.  Hank is all boy!
This is my Super Bowl!  I love everything about Christmas.  The lights, the songs, the merry faces, the wonder, the anticipation, the gift giving, and the rejoicing of our savior coming into the flesh.  Plenty to cheers on Christmas morning, including my Santa baby.
Sparkle got our Christmas day party started with lights and all.  We had creamed eggs and stayed in our PJs most of the day.
Nana knit MKHKKH hats!  We are hoping to go play in the snow in the mountains, but it still has not snowed in the AZ mountains.  It seems it hasn't rained in Phoenix in 6 months.  Hopefully the New Year will bring some moisture.
We feasted on Prime Rib and Yorkshire Pudding.  What a wonderful day from start to finish!
Hank and Kaitlin snuggled up for one more last sleep by the Christmas tree.  Good night Christmas, I can't wait for you to wake up in 11 months.

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