Cactus Classic 2018

Over the Martin Luther King weekend we went to Tucson for Karlie's volleyball tournament.
The Cactus Classic is 3 days of volleyball from early morning until late at night.  A little too much volleyball for team MKHKKH.
While Karlie and I were courtside, Max took the kids to visit the University of Arizona campus.
I can't believe it is already time for Hailey to be looking at what schools she would like to go to!  This can't be happening.  She really liked the campus.  I guess 2 hours away from me would be manageable.
Hank found a meditation spot to rest.  Goofball!
Everyone headed home on Sunday which gave Karlie and me some girl time!  We did face masks and snuggled and talked.  I love getting alone time with each of them.
Karlie's team ended up in the PM pool which led to us starting behind schedule and not finishing until 10 at night.  It was a long weekend with some hard losses but the girls learned how to play as a team and I loved watching my lucky 13 in her new position as setter!  It is going to be a fun season watching these girls grow!

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