New Year's Eve

This year we had a nice sized New Year's Eve party.  Hailey invited a bunch of friends over.  Most of them stayed for the evening but some stopped by on their way to other parties.  The boys took off around 10.
 Karlie had her buddies over too.  All of Kaitlin's friends were on vacation, so she was very happy that Juju would be her buddy for the night!
 Our two party animals crashed and burned out before 10pm.  Any other night I can't get them to go to bed on a sleep over but the one night I wanted them to stay awake they could not keep their eyes open.  We woke them up at midnight and it didn't go so well.  They started 2018 off on a grumpy note.
 I love having everyone gathered around the TV to watch the ball drop and cheers!
 It is always a good time and a celebration when we are with Bill and Aimee!
 I am excited for new adventures in 2018!!
There is no place I would rather ring in the New Year than in the arms of my man.  A kiss kicks off the year in the right direction.
 The pyrotechnician portion of the evening did not disappoint.  Max pulled out a secret stash of fireworks that Pops had brought him that I didn't know we had.  They were a crowd pleaser as they shot into the air and lit up the sky!  I was grateful we didn't start a fire or that the cops came knocking.  What a show!
I can only hope that the beginning of 2018 filled with friends, family, love, celebrating, and fireworks is a foreshadow of the year to come.

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