New Year's Resolutions 2018

January has been off to a very busy start!  I am having trouble returning text and emails in a timely manner, so blogging about resolutions has certainly taken a backseat.  I reviewed last years goals and can't believe what a year we had!  Max and I celebrated our 40th birthdays and made the most of it with rowdy, fun, and wild birthday parties.
 Max's entire family came out to help us celebrate.  It was a really special time.
As if Max's birthday was the opening act, my birthday was the closer!  Two of my sisters were in town and we got to act like college kids for a night!
I think they were the two best birthday parties either of us have ever had.  It will be hard to top for 50. :)
I also get to check a half marathon off my list and know the a full marathon is not anything that needs to be on my bucket list ever.  I am happy that I accomplished a half but hope to never run that far in one day again!!
On Memorial Day we hiked from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon to the South Rim!
It was truly a bucket list worthy adventure.
We hiked almost 25miles in 10 hours and 30 minutes.
If I ever do it again, I would like to stay at the bottom a night or two so I wouldn't feel so rushed to get out safely.  You would think an entire day would be enough, but I craved more time to gaze at its  awesome beauty.
 This is not an adventure without risk, a woman hiking with her children died hiking to the bottom from heat exhaustion a few weeks after we completed the hike.  We spent months preparing and reading about how to safely achieve our goal.  But knowing that a doctor with much hiking under belt succumbed to the harsh conditions made us truly realized what a feat it is and just how dangerous it can be.
We also finally got to reach Havasupi Falls!  This is another place that pictures don't do it justice and was worth the effort to get to.
It was stunning however the poverty of the Natives and knowing a man died the same day we hiked out left a lingering feeling of sadness surrounding our adventure and can only hope they figure out a way to make this national treasure profitable enough for all the tribe to have a better quality of life.
We checked off a huge goal in 2017!  MKHKKH has visited every state in the contiguous United States.  We loved seeing our capitol and all the history in this part of America.  We still have Alaska and Hawaii to visit before the MKHKKH Family 50 is complete.  So Alaska is in our sights for 2018.
Not that going to Mexico was a resolution, but it was a goal for 2017.
 It was our favorite vacation ever!  We snorkeled for the first time as a family and it was spectacular.
While we were there I was able to check off a life long dream of swimming with a dolphin.
I was fighting tears the whole time.
The kids are always talking about Mexico and dreaming of the day they get to go back.
This year is different for me.  I don't have any burning resolution or things to accomplish gnawing at me.  Of course flossing and drinking more water are always on my list.  :)  I am not sure my feet can handle many more epic races or hikes.  I do have a travel bug and always hope to travel somewhere new each year.  This will be our 20th wedding anniversary and we want to do something memorable.  I am thinking a tropical adventure!
Our pastor preached about trying this year one word that would be the lens through which all your resolutions would filter.  To focus on one word of change in you.  We sat down as a family after spending a week thinking about what word was on our hearts.  Max chose Intentional, I chose Grace, Hailey chose Underlying, Karlie chose Balance, Kaitlin chose Trust, and Hank chose Trustworthy.  I tend to lean in the type A personality if you haven't noticed.  I set goals, I am always trying to improve, and I have very high expectations for myself and for those around me.  I am fiercely loyal and love with every fiber in me.  However, if you wrong me, I have a very hard time with forgiveness.  If you don't live up to my standards I don't overflow with grace to put it gently.  In all my interactions I hope to put grace at the forefront.  I have already had many situations to extend grace and find myself withholding it and we are only a month into working on it.  I have much work to do but am encouraged that with each of these opportunities I am beginning to question my response.  So I guess I hope by narrowing my focus and resolutions with grace as the foundation I can resolve to be more like Christ.

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