February Fun!

February was filled with many celebrations and fun!
We kicked off the month with what is becoming a tradition as this is our third year attending a concert at the Phoenix Open Waste Management Bird's Nest.  It is always so much fun to go to a country concert at this venue.  We watched Florida Georgia Line and had a lot of fun for a school night!
 I am so blessed to still have a grandfather living.  Unfortunately he battled the flu and pneumonia and was hospitalized twice in February.  I was able to go visit him a lot.  I knew he was getting better the day we spent 3 hours puzzling!  He is now healthy and stronger than even before he got ill!
It was such a busy month by the end of the day we were all beary tired!
Karlie had a tournament all but one weekend in February.  That made for a lot of time goofing of with her teammates when they were not on the court.
I have tired to keep up with the National Days but fell a day behind on National Carrot Cake day!  The days just seem to fly by.
In the same week we celebrated Mardi Gras, Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year!  It was almost too much even for me, the celebration queen.  :)  Karlie got the baby this year!
Hailey and Karlie headed to Youth Camp in the mountains on Chinese New Year, so I packed them with fortune cookies and pocky sticks.  We ordered Panda Express and added some Hank safe sides.  The year of the dog is Kaitlin's year.  Those born in dog year are "loyal and honest, who work well with others.  Generous yet stubborn and often selfish."  I would say all are true of Kaitlin except the selfish part.  She is one of the most giving kids I know.
Sometimes adventure calls so loud it checks your high schooler out of school to go chase the clouds.  Hailey has always wanted to hike into the clouds.  One day as she drove to school she sadly wished we could hike on this rarely low lying cloud day.  So I told her I was packing her some hiking clothes and coming to get her!  We did a 4 mile hike.  Unfortunately the clouds kept moving up and we didn't reach them.  I had limited time because I had to go pick up Karlie's best friend from Colorado who was coming to town for a soccer tournament.  I became panicked when we took a "short cut" back and it seemed we were getting further and further away!  Hailey was calm and cool and we ran the whole way back to be sure I would be on time.  Her youth and strong spirit showed as she raced downed the mountain with me trying my best to keep up with her.  We didn't reach the clouds this time but it just gives us another chance to reach for them.  As mom this time with her was heavenly.
After getting Marley from the airport we headed to our favorite breakfast spot.  I was starving!!  Then I took the girls to an escape the room at Lock Down.  These two clever ladies did it!  They got out with time to spare.  I love seeing these girls together.  It amazes me that they can go a year without seeing each other and its like nothing changed.  Not many people can connect with their kindergarten best friend and still get together without any awkwardness-especially as middle schoolers.  These two were making plans for a southwest college tour together and I wouldn't be surprised if it happens.
We even managed to go off roading one Sunday.  Boys and their toys!  Max was so thrilled to play with the Jeep.
It seemed we packed in two month of activities and still had week to go before March Madness!

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