New Year 100!

I might have created a monster!  Hailey has really become a runner and is motivated to keep running.  She asked me if I would do another 100 mile challenge with her.  Of course with the New Year and all of its resolution, making new, going to improve myself feelings I eagerly said yes!
Boy did I struggle to get this one done in time.  The weekends are just a killer for finding time to work out and with 7 days of zero miles, it left me needing to do 20 miles in 4 days!  Ack.  But if I have a goal, I am going to put every ounce of effort into it and Hailey wasn't about to let me give up.  She was telling me to get out there and get some miles. :)  So what if I couldn't walk for two days, I finished it!  I love Hailey and am grateful for her motivating me to be my best, but I sure hope she doesn't ask me to do another 100 miles for a long time!

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