Palm Springs

Max had to go to Palm Springs to teach a course and I was lucky enough to get to go along because Pops and Nana were able to babysit the kids!
Max would teach for a segment of the day and then have the rest of the time off, so it was like a mini three  day vacation.
 One morning while Max worked I decided to do a hike near our hotel.  If you know me, then you also know I can't find my way out of paper bag.  If I think we should go left, we definitely need to go right.  So hiking on a new path without a map might not have been the best idea, but it was suppose to be a well populated trail.  Maybe not so populated on a cool, Thursday morning.  To make a really long story short, I got lost and ended up just scaling up the mountain off trail.  I figured if I got to the top I would eventually find the trail and as long as the hotel was in my sight line, I couldn't be too lost.  I eventually made it to the top where the elderly couple I had a nice long chat with at the start of the trail were resting (that is how long it took me and how lost I was).  They laughed as they saw me come up the wrong side since I had warned them how I tend to get lost easily and joked if they saw a helicopter it would be looking for me.  They pointed me in the direction of the trail and I decided to take a new path back to town.  Again wondering half way along the trail down if it was a good idea to take a new route.  Ultimately I made it back to the hotel, but I turned a quick 2 mile hike into a long, adventurous 5 mile hike. :)  Moral of the story, don't hike with Katie!
 In the afternoons Max and I enjoyed the roof top bar and pool of the Rowan.  The view of the mountains was breath taking.  One night we also got to get all dressed up for a faculty dinner at a fine French restaurant.  The service was truly unlike anywhere else I have been.  They were so good you didn't even know they were there.

Max wanted to do the Cactus to Clouds hike which starts in Palm Springs and goes up to the San Jacinto Peak with 10,400 elevation gain.  I was more in the mood for mimosas and a relaxing four mile hike.   We started it and decided to put it on our bucket list.  It is one of the greatest elevation increase of any day-hike in the US!  This trip was not the trip to tackle it.  One we didn't have the time and two we didn't have the gear or clothing.  At the top it was freezing temperatures.  It sounds like a perfect hike to do in the middle of summer.
Another really fun part of the trip was our Canadian friends were also there for the course.  These two know how to have a good time!  Monique and I got to spend an afternoon lounging by the pool while the boys worked.  It was fun to have friends on vacation too.
Palm Springs is a beautiful little town with so many restaurants, shopping and hikes calling you.  I know we will be back again, hopefully in the summer to tackle Cactus to Clouds.

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