Valentine's Day

Max certainly gets better with age!  Since he was going to be on-call for Valentine's Day he surprised me on the Friday night before with a date to Orange Sky.  He came home with a dozen roses and my favorite sparkling wine.  The restaurant is at the top fo the casino and has private dining booths that face a floor to ceiling window.  He timed our reservation so we watched the sunset over Camelback Mountain.  It was very romantic and the food was delicious.  He is usually not one for the "commercial holidays" so he really surprised me.
 I on the other hand am all about commercial holidays!  Give me a theme and I go a little nuts.
The dollar store makes it too easy to get sweet treats for my loves!
 It was hearts all day.  Starting with heart egg sandwiches and cupid's eggs made by Max.
While I made heart pancakes for the eggless eaters.
Heart shaped pizza for Hank's lunch.
 Heart shaped turkey and ham for the girls with as much red produce I could find.
 It happened to be a half day so the kids and I got to get all snuggled up and watch one of my favorite movies, The Princess Bride.
 It was the best! At first Hank did not want to watch it but soon became enraptured just as the boy in the movie had become with the story his grandfather told.
Even Siri got in on the snuggles.
 More love at dinner with crab, heart shaped pasta, and artichokes.
 We were so happy Max made it home in time for our fancy feast!
Chocolate dipped strawberries to finish off a delicious day of love.
 Of all the things I hope my kids remember about Valentine's Day I hope it is Love.  Love is what sets us apart.

 If each day we strive to be love, what a difference it makes in our lives and the lives of those around us.

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