Arches National Park

The next day we dedicated to playing in Arches National Park.
 We took the 5 mile round trip hike to Delicate Arch.  Max and I hiked to it since before we had kids.  A lot sure has changed in that time for us, but it seems the arch had only become more impressive to my older, more appreciative eyes.
It was a perfect day for a hike with it being sunny, but cool enough to wear a sweatshirt in the shade.
Max has a thing for monumental selfies.  We will see how many we can accumulate over the years! :)
You really feel like you are visiting Mars.  It is such a neat place!
We couldn't help trying to fit in.
After Delicate Arch we drove over to the trailhead for Landscape Arch and hiked to it.  We could a sandy bar to have lunch. 
Along the hike we saw many paramedics and climbing crews heading up to rescue someone who had fallen.  It really made me grateful for the safe adventures we had thus far and was yet another reminder how a fun day of exploring can easily turn tragic in an instant.
 On the way back it was time for Mama to get in some 4-Wheeling!  I love driving the Jeep with music blasting and the kids laughing!
 We didn't see a sole on the road until near the end.  The Jeep tour driver told us another Jeep had blown its clutch and was blocking the exit so we would have to turn around.
OK, More fun 4 wheeling!
We had  a spectacular day in Arches National Park.
 On the way back to our condo was a giant hill of sand the kids were dying to "sled" down.  They recycled some cardboard boxes from the dumpster and tried to slide down.  It was so fun to watch them climb up over and over and try to figure out the best way to slide.  Finally they ended up just rolling down the hill.  So much fun in the red dirt!

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