First Time On The Slopes!

 We headed back toward AZ through Monument Valley.  America the beautiful!  In an 8 hour drive you can go from Mars like Moab, to the Wild West, to the blue and snowy mountains, to the low desert.
Max and the three little ones stopped in Flagstaff to ski the next day.  It happened to be National Pi day (3/14) so of course we had to have pie!  I was thrilled when I found an egg free apple pie at Frys. We all dug in and there were no left overs!
Hailey and I continued on home after the pie break.  In true teenager fashion, she finished up our spring break Moab trip with an 8 hour drive and when she got home, hopped in the shower and got in the car with her girlfriends to drive 6 hours to the beach!  Ah to be young again!  I couldn't remember the last time I was all alone in the house with no kids or no husband.  It might have been when Max was interviewing for medical school!
MKKH stayed in the Drury Inn in Flagstaff, one of the family favorites with "free" dinner. :)

They were up bright and early to rent the gear for the day.  It was great fun to see more and more snow as they drove up the hill.  The kids had not been in snow in so long.  Hank didn't remember what it felt like.  Hank and Karlie wanted to board and Kaitlin wanted to ski.  But, we wanted them to all do lessons together so we convinced Kaitlin to board as well.  
Hank and Karlie loved it, but Kaitlin thinks she is really a skier, or maybe a ski lodge lounger like her mom.  They spent the morning in a group lesson (which was basically a waste of time) but gave Max time to do several runs on his own.  It was actually snowing most of the morning.  

As they met up for lunch, Karlie realized he phone was no longer in her pocket!  It had fallen our on the slope.  Using the Find Friends App, they were able to locate where it was.  Some angel had turned it into the lost and found, and didn't even take the $20 bill in her case.  There are still many good people in the world!
After a nice lunch in the lodge, they all got some good runs in.   However, Kaitlin decided to call it a day a little early and just played in the snow at the bottom of the lift while the rest kept boarding.
By the end of the day every one was freezing from the snow and wind.  The warm car never felt so nice on aching muscles after hundreds of falls in the snow.
 They are ready for more ski days next year.  I will have to be sure to go so I can lodge it with anyone who doesn't take to the mountain.

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