Hell's Revenge!

 Early one morning Max was able to ride Slick Rock and could see the tracks of Hell's Revenge calling his name.
Slick Rock, the bike trail, and Hell's Revenge, the off road trail, cross paths a few times.  Max had done Slick Rock several times before before but had never been able to complete Hell's Revenge.  The last time he was in Moab with a car capable of conquering it was 1996!  However, the old 1970 Ford Bronco had other ideas and broke down.  Max and Monty spent their time replacing the headers in the parking lot of a Moab motel instead of off roading.  Max has been waiting 22 years to get his revenge!
We set out to conquer it this visit.  Luckily I did not watch any You Tubes or read anything about it.  I just trusted Max and his skill and knowing he had my most precious cargo in the world in the Jeep.
 Then we got on the trail and I began to think my dear, sweet husband had lost his mind!  Was he nuts?!  We were going to tip over and DIE!
The Jeep instantly became full of professional backseat and sideseat drivers as we feared for our lives.  Finally, Max had to put the car in park and tell us all to be quiet and let him do the driving.  At one point he asked me to get out and take a picture.  I laughed and said, "Oh sure, if I could actually stand on my legs right now that are wobbling."  We were all pretty sure Hell's Revenge was going to win.
It is amazing what Jeeps can do!  His Jeep just trucked straight up huge inclines and took it nice and slow down 33% grades!!!  We all finally started to trust Max and the Jeep.
 Near the halfway point we found a cliff to have lunch on.  Doesn't that sound nice?  Kids running and playing by a sheer cliff.  It seemed relaxing compared to the ride we had just done. :)  We all needed to take a little breather and do some yoga.  You know a family that yogas together stays together!
After kissing the sweet, safe ground, doing some yoga, and filling our tummies it was time to finish off Hell's Revenge.
Luckily no one lost their lunch on the way down!
By the end of the day I wasn't sure if I was more impressed with Max and his skill and nerves of steel to drive Hell's Revenge, or with the Jeep and it's seemingly effortless ability to do anything Max asked of it.  I guess you could say I am Jeeper.
 On our last night in Moab we sipped margaritas and played Monopoly in the warm afternoon sun.
No vacation would complete without the ladies doing a face mask.  I was hoping mine had special powers to remove the 10 new wrinkles that showed up.  Looks like Hell's Revenge left it's mark after all.

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