How Karlie Spent Her Birthday ~ St. Patricks Day

Karlie might have the funnest birthday of anyone I know.  Everybody is in a celebratory mood on St. Patrick's Day.
She had a 7 am tournament on her birthday.  We picked up some festive donuts the night before and Karlie and I stopped at Starbucks on our way.  An athlete's breakfast for sure.
 I left a box of special St. Patrick's Day Lucky Charms for the rest of the house.
 Karlie must have been good luck because her team won their bracket!  After the tournament we headed home to let the real shenanigans begin!
Since we always have cored beef and cabbage, with St. Patrick's Day homemade mac-n-cheese on her birthday, she gets to pick her menu the next night.
Her favorite dinner is steak, artichokes and cheesy rice.
My mom was in town for the weekend and much prefers Karlie's steak night to St. Patrick's Day dinner.
Karlie wanted brownies instead of cake.  Hopping all her wishes come true!

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