Karlie's 14th Birthday Party

I think the home birthday parties are officially done for Karlie.  This year she wanted to go to her favorite piazza joint at the outdoor mall.
 Max was on-call at the hospital so Karlie had to help me carry her giant cake.
Karlie has always loved special cakes.  She wanted a four layer one that looked like it was melting.
 She had a nice group of girls come celebrate with her.  Max was able to meet up with us about half way through and scared the day lights out of the girls as a creepy guy in the window!
 I feel like Karlie has grown up so much this year and can't believe she will be going to high school next year.
 She is quite the beautiful young lady inside and out.
After pizza and cake the girls walked around the mall.  Karlie was pretty thrilled with all the shopping gift cards she got!
 We may be in trouble with this one! :)

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