The 40's FUN Club

Our last friend in her 30's joined the 40's club!  Joey and Cristina are two of our our closest friends.  They are Italian and do everything over the top!  Hospitality, friendship, parties, love for each other and family just to name a few.
For her 40th Joey had a surprise party like no other!
We went by party bus to Ocean Club restaurant to have a three course meal and cake.  Then we went to a high end bowling lounge.  I felt like I was in another world with security detail and personal waitresses.
 We had so much fun bowling and hanging out with our buddies that I couldn't believe 3 hours had gone by!
I am pretty sure 40 has been as much fun if not more than any one of my 30's.
Cristina was always fabulous but now she is in the fun 40's club too!  Looking forward to a decade of good times with this crew.

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