Upper Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is a famous slot canyon on the Navajo land near Page, AZ.  You must hire a guide to see the canyons since a flash flood in 1997 killed eleven tourist.  Needless to say we were monitoring the weather closely.  The rare overcast sky made me a little nervous, but there was no forecast for rain anywhere around.
 It really is one of those places that is better in person than in pictures.  
 We didn't have the sun out, so did not get to see the classic shot of the sunbeam shining down but the colors were still amazing with overcast skies.  
 I can only imagine on full sun day.  Max has a really nice camera on his phone and was able to get this picture, which is more what it looks like in person.
 We enjoyed the rough jeep ride out to the canyon and the educational tour provided by our Navajo guide.
 We were at a lower tourism time.  It would be terrible with more people and sweltering heat.  It was a very beautiful place, the masses of people are the only thing that took away from its beauty.
Off for more red rock in Moab!

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